Sunday, 27 June 2010

Adventures in Glenfinnan

I know, I know, for this blog to be interesting at all, I've got to get online more than once a month! But its been an action packed month!

First of all, I spent 2 weeks in New Mexico and Arizona, visiting friends and familiy. I'm always so torn leaving the beautiful Southwestern US! But then I get home to Glenfinnan, and life takes on its rhythm and I don't miss the views because I'm continually inspired by this beautiful landscape and its people and music!

Secondly, in a response to a difficult recession time, I've opened my studio to take in Bed & Breakfast. I have a pleasant room to offer guests, and surprisingly, I've already had a few new clients! If you want to take advantage of my early low rate for the double room (same rate for single or double), just go to my website and email me from there!

Third, as always, I am painting - alot! Running close to the edge with materials. There is always the need to trust that the people will start to come so that I can purchase more materials to work with! But no matter....I'm working, solidly, in a wonderfully focused way that has been escaping me lately!

I have work in 2 group exhibitions: Ealanta Lochabar at the Lime Tree Gallery in Ft. William ( ); Kranenburg Fine Art in Oban ( ) - both of which open this month and will be up for the summer. And of course, I've decided to produce a little exhibition of CEILIDH! at the Glenfinnan Pub (the site of many sources of inspiration for me!) for more information! A busy summer - and great potential for so much more!