Thursday, 9 December 2010

New Directions

Hello again, after a bit of a writing holiday! No, the title doesn't yet mean I've found a new direction to paint in; instead, it means that I'm going to give the idea of producing a few limited edition Giclee prints of some of the bigger paintings. Initially, I'm going to start with Ceilidh! As well, I'm going to only produce limited editions of 50 worldwide. Hand signed, and on archival paper. I can start with Ceilidh! because I already have many of them professionally photographed. Again though, the main question is: will these wonderful images be of high enough resolution to do this without the initial outlay that has so long kept me from producing prints.

I've decided to do this because it will make it possible for people to have copies of images they may not have room for, or the funds to purchase an original.

I think the image here will be one of the first I offer. They'll sell for £200 each. So watch this space for more information as I get this ball rolling in this next week.