Sunday, 7 April 2013

A Little Distraction

Hello! Since my last writing, a lot has happened that made me think about the difficulties of being a self-employed painter. I have been given notice that my house/studio of 10 years is about to become a holiday-let (pay attention guys - you too may want to stay in this delightful house one day!) As of June 1, 2013, I will be once again on the road, so to speak. I'm choosing to look at this challenge as a soft shove out the door to embrace the next direction my life will take; a challenge that life has become too comfortable, once again! I've felt it coming for some time, written about it even! And the 'floating' I did this past winter was well placed! It seems, so far, that I'm choosing between finding a way to stay in Glenfinnan or leaping into the void, and finding a place for me, my horse and cat to live and work in the south of France! The problem is, how to keep creating in the midst of all the chaos, anger, frustration, and especially fear that accompanies such moments in life, regardless of one's possibly enlightened viewpoint! It feels like life has been chaotic since notice was given, and that its a small miracle that I've been able to paint at all! I did manage to finish the Biot painting (among a few others); and, as promised I'm showing you that, along with others I managed to complete before life's distractions derailed me once again! Along the way, a very dear friend took me to Iona (one of the inner Hebridean Islands of Scotland, not far from Glenfinnan); always a magical place of peace and discovery for me! Best part this time was that I was able to do a small pleinaire painting on the beach one day. Sitting in the sand painting, cursing the wind, enjoying the sun, taking loads of photos, and loving every minute of the day! The result is at the top of this note! All this brings me to the title of this blog: A Little Distraction! And how difficult it is to keep painting through all of life's trials, challenges, and celebrations; and, how important it is to do just that - KEEP PAINTING - and yet, be kind and accept the need to run around like a chicken with its head cut off!!! For 3 weeks now I've looked at a canvas, drawn on and ready to receive paint, and have been too distracted or afraid to touch it, even though I KNOW it will help ground me, help me to hear the whispers of the universe! The short weekend at Iona just last week helped ground me, and now I do everything I can to be around the painting (even if its reading a short novel) so that one minute I'll be able to just pick up the brushes and START!