Wednesday, 28 December 2016


I'm soon to begin painting again!  Whew!  I need to do new work from the Normandy coast in France for an exhibition in the village of Le Bourg Dun...opening mid-July.  So the clock has begun ticking. I still am not in my house/studio in Taos, NM .  It sounds like a cold grotto when I open the door, from the snow melting through the dirt ceilings.  The roofers, plumbers, electricians are madly trying to get things sorted so the roof can go on, and I'm sweating to get it all done, before my walls melt and I run out of cash!!!

I know I really won't loose the walls - they'll dry out, as will the roof!  I've launched a GOFundMe campaign to help finish the house, ( )  I've an exhibition in Austin at the Irish Embassy that's been extended into March, and I'll find a place that's dry and warm, to paint! Somehow, in all the chaos, I need to get quiet, and start to re-immerse myself in that magical Norman coastline.  Of COURSE I'll make it....