Wednesday, 14 October 2009

At the moment, I'm practicing diligently at watercolor - something I've not used in a very long time, and certainly not for public consumption. But I've been asked by the No. 1 Ladies Website Agency to create a little illustration for a website, in watercolor, and have accepted the challenge. Watercolor is so different, and much less forgiving than oil paint! But I'm getting further and further into each illustration before I ruin it with mud, or a poorly placed splot of water, or using the wrong color for shadow - which I find difficult in this medium by the way! But I also look at this as somthing that may loosen up the oil painting too....

By the way, check out new work (oil paintings) displayed on my website ( and/or my Facebook page:

There are more than I've shown, but as many these past few months have been cathartic and not for public consumption....Not everything is for sale! Anybody else out there that uses their work to help process deep feelings or to keep them flowing, no matter how painful, just to keep painting? I find that if I try to ignore some feeling, to put it into a box and keep it closed up, then I can't work I must go thru life sometimes feeling like I'm bleeding from every pore.

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