Friday, 4 December 2009

Coming Out of the Shadow

Well, I finally did it. I finally just picked up a brush, loaded it with paint, and put it to board. Not for long, mind you, but the point is that the block is broken. I'm doing a nice little landscape of upper Glen Finnan, the drainage coming down from the Allt Thuim. I began by looking at lots of images of the hills, sketching it onto the board, and then, unusually for me, put down an under painting of yellow ochre. Usually, with these hills, I use alizarin crimson. But this time the hills seemed more golden underneath the green. I really do see the color underneath, and believe me, I've usually begun with crimson. Then I began blocking in the shadows.

But, I had to stop. I decided that it was time to go out and enjoy the day, not worry about my horse, my cat, my budget, etc.; just go out and walk up Glen Dhually (I'm not sure of the spelling here), in search of the perfect Christmas tree. I found it! A lovely little white fir. To be cut closer to the day. But the views from up top, down the glen, across to a glimpse of Guibhaschain and Bein Odhar Beag, the colors of sunset rimming the clouds, mist climbing up the hills. A really wonderful day. And made even better by the fact that I'm back in the studio.

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