Monday, 7 January 2013


Autumn Days on the Mhuidhe, 16 x 24 in., oil on canvas, £2,000.00 This post's title, FLOATING, is about the state of mind I've been in since finishing the painting above. Clarity is what I began with in November, and once the painting was done in early Dec., I found myself floating - like in a warm ocean, calm, waiting for the clarity to jell, and inspiration to find itself once again. I think I've been floating for about 6 weeks, not all that long, but long enough! While I'm not swimming hard yet, I'm taking a few exploratory breast strokes as I look around with interest and begin to engage again. Its not been easy, this floating.... the puritain work ethic is strong in me, and I always find it difficult to 'allow' these quiet times - so necessary in my creative life! Finishing this painting that was begun in October - before my trip to the USA - was part of the journey into floating.... I hope you enjoy it! Now for the next hurdle, to uncover the paints again, and begin to let out all the stored energy of the last 6 weeks. GAIL
Trail to Pienmeanach, 12 x 16 in., oil on board, £1,250.00

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