Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Focus Amid Distractions

Hello again from (at this point) sunny Glenfinnan! We've had 7 days of inspirational sun, warmth, and autumn light and color. The biggest choice these days is between going out into the sun and basking in the warmth of it, or utilizing the light in my studio and painting without the aid of artificial light! I've done both actually. But this last month has been so full of distractions (and believe me, right now, I am EASILY distracted!), that while I'm working at the easel, its with long periods of space between. Just in the last two weeks, I have put together three painting or sales proposals, always welcome, but so nervewracking while I wait for answers; and also managed to complete one more painting from my Iona trip, as well as start on another French landscape. No, I'm afraid I've not started on the work from Glenaladale - again, I put it up to distractions.... Those pesky every day problems of paying bills, finding the cash to do so, and waiting while excited clients make up their minds about just what they want, if they want, to buy, nursing my aged horse through a fetlock (ankle) sprain. I'm finding that the focus is there, but is taking a lot of sitting quietly, and remembering to breathe and wait for the ability to stand and paint again. This month has been about hearing and understanding that need to WAIT, and yet prepare. And in the meantime, to keep on painting.... through the upheaval and transition. So enjoy what I've done! One of an Iona Sheep Farmer, and another of North Beach Iona (one of my favourite places to be!).

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