Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Life's 90 Degree Turns....The Roller Coaster Continues!

Brilliant news!  The commission is mostly complete.  My clients loved the Team Roping painting, have accepted it, and all that's left is a small piece on their section of the Brazos River - which can't even be begun until the Spring when the weather warms up!

I'm now floating again; re-evauating my goals for returning home to the USA for ANY period of time, and focusing on so many things that got put aside as I was trying to find my way through the challenge of a commission that stretched me as an artist.  The best experience!!!  Watch this space... my new pieces on the easel are from both the West Texas subjects I'm finding so challenging and rewarding, and a ceilidh painting from France.  I'm passionate about their passion!!  See the sketches below!!

As to the subject of the title....all I can say at this point is to listen to these blogs... changes are afoot once again.  In the meantime, I'm giving a talk this week to an Art Practicum class at UT Commerce, taught by my good friend, photographer Ginger Cooke.  I'm honored by the chance to give these students the benefit of my experience.  It'll be hard not to scare them too much....but to be truthful, there were no such classes when I was at University; and I learned the business of being an artist by sheer tough experience.  If I'd had a backup career once I made the leap off the cliff to paint full-time in 1998, I'd have taken it long ago!  Its not an easy life, but more rewarding than I ever imagined.  I just knew I could do NOTHING else by then.  

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