Sunday, 16 July 2017

Saint Aubin sur Mer, Normandy, France

Since leaving the USA on 4 July, it’s been non-stop.  It never easy to put on your own show; even more so in a foreign country.  Even though arrangements began to be made more than 2 years ago, and posters and cards printed and sent, there is always a lot of catch up work to be done.  My show is in an historical building across from the Mairi (Mayor’s) in St. Aubin Sur Mer, Normandy.  They have devised an ingenious system of fencing – wired together for strength – and hooks to protect not only the historic walls, but I’m sure, the hammer and nails!!- Its effective though! 

Since arriving in Dieppe on the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry on 7 July, my friend Madelyn and I have raced about putting up more posters (in addition to the ones I sent from the USA a month ago), finding someone to print more (in Paris), etc., etc.  There’s a music festival on (Pete the Monkey), and its meant more visitors than expected to my little gallery space on opening day; Bastille Day.  The village began to celebrate last night with a fette that involved copious amounts of wine, moules (mussels), French fries, and dancing for the children (at least until I finally hit the wall at about 930/10 pm). I walked home in the waning light – sunset at 10:15!, listening to two different sound tracks…..the more traditional one at the fette, and Pete the Monkey electronic sounds down the road.  I’ve also tasted home-made calvados (liquor), that was as powerful and strong as a very good single malt whiskey or cognac, had more dinners out (hysterically trying to speak French when for some reason unfathomable to me, I’ve only been able to speak Spanish…and better than I’d done years ago).  I’ve been trying – sometimes more successfully than others over the years – to learn French; and the closer I get to understanding people, the harder it gets to speak!

Even better, I’ve found a new spot to paint from.  I’m here in Normandy until 15 August, then after a brief trip to Brittany to visit the spot where my beloved mare, Dancer, has been buried, and check on my friends there, it’s on to Scotland to reconnect myself with that bonnie place after being away 2 years.

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  1. Gail - so proud to be your friend - the show looks wonderful - I love the way it is hung. Enjoy your success and have a great time.