Friday, 23 April 2010

Sometimes you just have to pitch in!

Newmarket has been an exciting, invigorating, and challenging time. The exhibition was a success for our dealers, and I've sold a painting, which is good for me. But now the real work begins - the follow up so necessary in the art game that is so often ignored!

I found when I arrived here, that all artists and dealers present for the Resipole South exhibition had a wonderful camaraderie; a real willingness to pitch in, help set up the exhibition, help talk to clients, etc. I found that because of a volcano eruption last week, I couldn't go home, and decided the best use of my time (beyond a trip to Nice which I REALLY need to do - but that's another story entirely!) was to pitch in and help in any way I could. So, I'm still here in Newmarket, because of the volcano, and because sometimes the artist has to get down off the pedestal they'd like to sit on.

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