Thursday, 20 May 2010

Making it!

I've discovered new creative ways to keep body and soul together in these financially difficult times! Advertising for a roommate, looking for part-time work, and best yet, taking in B&B customers during this hectic summer season. All of these things are difficult at best for someone who values their quiet, creative time. Time so necessary for creating paintings for the public to see and purchase! I've always said that if I've time to work a job - even part-time, then that time should be used in my studio, or in the business side of being an artist. But sometimes we have to compromise! And so, while I've had painting sales, I've had to make the very difficult decision to do one or all of the above things in order to recover from the very difficult 18 months of this recession.

So, my studio will be come a bedroom for B&B (or the roommate - whichever comes first!), and I'll use my sitting room to paint in - which I'm doing anyway. Sometimes I just need to move myself around and paint WHERE I feel like painting, not just WHEN I feel the urge; and I found that I didn't want to work in my studio, and am currently happy with my easel in the sitting room. Perhaps it will add an element of exoticism to my little B&B!

I've also finally put up an exhibition of CEILIDH! at the Glenfinnan House Hotel. It made sense to finally bring it home, to allow people to see the work in the room than many of the paintings were inspired in! CEILIDH! AT GLENFINNAN HOUSE HOTEL will be up at least a month and possibly longer. You can learn more about the hotel and this exhibition at Its my favorite place to have a pint or dram and watch the world go by, and now you can do it in the company of paintings depicting some of the best traditional musicians in Scotland!

Resipole South continues to make headway as a new virtual gallery, and I'm truly impressed with their drive, connections, and enthusiasm for the artists they've chosen to show! Don't forget to visit their site:

I've more work to show, new landscapes that I can't yet put online. However, rest assured, when I return from my trip to the US beginning the end of this month, I'll have my new computer and will be able to once again begin to share new work with the world. And perhaps, offering B&B to people traveling through will give me more quiet time during the day to do my work, rather than having to WASTE valuable creative time working for someone else!

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